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semiotheque: fading



this was a dream I had

that I was hiking in the woods with my wife
and my two small children
they were toddling around
running through the woods
waterfalls and bugs and
all the rotting riches
secreted beneath a boulder

and I was trying to capture
their joy
in a little black camera
slung heavy
around my neck

except the camera
kept coming apart
in my hands
the lens and faceplate
little springs and screws
pieces of stamped metal

falling into my hands

every time I tried to take a picture
I had to stop
coax the thing back together
holding this spring down with my thumb
twisting this screw back in with my fingernail
pushing this tab back into that slot
where it closed
not at all securely
with an unsatisfying and quiet

every time I tried to take a picture

so to keep it safe
I put the camera into a cardboard box
that had been rained on
I held it in my hands
the cardboard soft
and pulling apart
at the folds

somehow I remembered this dream
long enough
to write it down